[[File:Doitsu_Jesus.png|thumb|bebecohetismo shining bright and inspiring us all. ]bebecohetismo ed un estilo de vida y la unica religión verdadera all "shine bright like a Doitsu"

History of DoitsuismEdit

Inside the ruins of the church was the Doitsu book. It contains the unknown history of Doitsu, written in the old words of Germany. This book is currently restoring a team led by Sisters Sofija and Mėta (who have found a book) so that the text can be read by everyone who wishes to study. The new Doitsu Church (or the so-called "Doicesu Holy Church") founded the high priest Preußen and the first prophet Veneziano. These two founded the church after receiving the Doitsua report and began to inspire to spread its teachings. They extend these teachings to inspire goodness and shine in people, and devote awareness of the evil Anti-Doitsu, who is considered the "devil" of the doitsuistic religion. Anti-Doitsu has the same look as Lord Doitsu and has the ability to remove human glow. This confuses teachers into thinking that their Doitsu is and removes their shine. The biggest difference in appearance is that it is the inverted colors of Doitsu. Some believe that in the ancient times the fall of the old churches has fallen. There is also a mention of a man named Patrick Seitz, but it is not clear what his role in the fall of the old church was. Doitsuism is known for its magnificent Germanic ones in which one offers some sacred objects to Lord Doitsu in the hope of achieving happiness, love, happiness or greater luster. The only traditional Doitsuist clothing is a headband of cats in honor of Germany, rubber boots for traditional German spiritual parties and multicolor leggings also in honor of traditional German sparkle parties. Dancey Dance must always listen to the "German Sparkle Party". The Holy Hymn of the Church, which is often launched by its members, is "Shine Bright as Doitsu."

Here rules all Doitsuists are to follow:

  • "Shine bright like a Doitsu."
  • "Never hesitate to help someone else shine bright, for you must spread the Doitsu."
  • "The D stands for the Doitsu, not the lower regions."
  • "At all social gatherings with food, you must ask for wurst and beer and potato ."
  • "When in doubt, choose Doitsuism."
  • "If any Hetalia merchandise becomes stained or worn out, you must retire it respectfully,"
  • "Do not use comic sans, ever. Doitsu would not be happy."
  • "When watching Hetalia, you may not draw characters from other anime. This is frowned upon by Doitsu."

Rules of DoitsuismEdit

The Rules of Doitsuism are constantly growing. Most of the rules are recorded in the book of Doitsuism while others are only spread and kept alive through the sheer power of the words of the Doitsuists (with the help of reblogs).

You can now find these rules here

Sacred and Most Notable FiguresEdit

Lord Doitsu (Germany) and Priest Prussia are really notable. Don't forget the "sacred friends and blood-brothers" of Doitsu such as Ivan, Sadiq (blood brother//Himaruya told that it's canon), Ancient German and Italian Lords, the Germans in general. They are the shiniest Doitsuist. :d etc. -Kisa

The Rise and Fall of DoitsuEdit

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Doitsu rising

Doitsu fell, for he was smote by Anti-Doitsuists who tried to steal his light. 

After 13 days, Doitsu rose again, because he is almightly.

(See rule 20 of Doitsuism)

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