"It is not about what is on the outside of a Doitsuist, it is the Doitsu within each of us that binds my soul to yours." -Lord Doitsu, our true god and savior.

Doitsu (also known as Germany or Ludwig) is the most important deity in the sacred religion of Doitsuism, for He is the one that was born when Grandpa Rome died for us. The great Doitsu watches over us from the holy realm of Deutschland that we all try to visit, the only way to be taken to the land of Deutschland is if your shine becomes so bright that it is blinding to humans and the Lord Doitsu will descend upon earth and crown you a saint and you will rise into Deutschland, led there by His Highness.



Doitsu has two forms, a regular looking macho man with golden blonde hair a similar color to that of a delicious shiny potato and has bright blue eyes. While in His more human-like form He tends to wear a blue military uniform with black boots and gloves.

However when He transforms into his final form, a shine emits from Him so bright that anyone who as much as catches glimpse of Him in this stage will faint from pure godliness and macho, and be taken to a dream land similar to that of the aforementioned Deutschland and after waking up they will be blessed for the next three months and followed by a beautiful shine similar to that of His great Potatoness.


Lord Doitsu, because He is so majestic, is very tolerant and easily forgives others for their sins. He is also very strict and always maintains order. He's very intellectual and extremely macho.