Sister Coral is a Saint of the Doitsuist church and is known for discovering The Book of Doitsu and starting the effort to restore the holy book to its former glory.


Sister Coral first came across the ancient and holy relic while exploring the ruins of an ancient church. When she found the book, it was in poor condition due to the amount of wear and tear it had been through over the many years it had resided in the church. She then took it to herself to attempt to recover the book to the best of her ability, and eventually started the blog, The Book of Doitsu, in order to receive help from other fellow Doitsuists in restoring the book while also sharing the pieces of the book that have been recovered. The sacred texts that she helped restore can be found here.

Current Status

Sister Coral has retired from her duties of restoring the book. Her position as admin of The Book of Doitsu blog was officially passed down to a fellow doitsuist, as announced in this post.