The Anti-Doitsu is Doitsuism's concept of Satan. He is near identical in appearance to the Doitsu. This assists him in his mission to rid Doitsu's followers of their shine and lead them down a path of sin. The only physical difference between Doitsu and the Anti-Doitsu is the inversion of colors.

Due to his malevolent nature, the Anti-Doitsu's only goal is to rid Doitsuists of their shine. He also likes to steal potatoes, wurst, and beer from the followers of Doitsu.

He has a number of assistants, the greatest of these is the Eyebrowed One, Saint Iggy's evil counterpart. He was the first to convert to Anti-Doitsu. He is utterly devoted to leading Doitsuists down the path of sin and ridding them of their shine by offering them the unholy scones .

Anti-Doitsu and his followers smited Doitsu by trying to steal the shine of our Great Potatoness, but on the thirteenth day Doitsu rose again. After Doitsu's return the Anti-Doitsu and his followers, realizing that they were too weak the first time, began planning their next assault on Doitsu and his followers. To ward the Anti-Doitsu off perform 20 hail Doitsus at 4pm with a potato on one's back, and host German Sparkle Parties every Friday.

Be vigilant, dance only to the finest dubstep, and as always, shine bright like Doitsu.